The iPhone Charger Gives Us Life! 

Growing up before the internet, we never had to consider the iphone charger, never had to consider what it would be like to become so dependent on a cable or cord to provide us with a sense of security.  You know who you are.  Those out there that are still not afraid to walk out onto the streets, digitally naked.  Willing to use the cunning of your own mind and heart, and interpersonal skills to direct you to the nearest coffee shop!   While it's true that the iphone charger has totally empowered our day-to-day communication with our ever precious smart phones (iphone, samsung, android, google, lenovo etc), we are losing something along the way!  

The Beginning

Once upon a time there was no internet.  Kids played in the street, at their friends houses, in the woods.  They colored in books, and laughed because they were tickled, physically, with human hands.  Kids also use to use two tin cans tied together with a string to communicate. Now, while this did not exactly have the same effect regarding accurate communication, it did do something else which caused, perhaps, even a greater bonding between the two, or perhaps three tikes taking part.   They all had to imagine, they all had to pretend together, building a common dream that only they knew about.  That shared, unique experience bonded them together and let them know that they were not alone, that they could turn to the others to be themselves and play.   The same thing held true for playing.  Before the advent of video games, kids needed to get together and pretend that rocks, and sticks and woods were animate.  That they had precious value and engaged with them and loved them.  They became a part of their natural environment and were respected.  Kids felt attached to them, and would not necessarily want to hurt them or misuse them. Due to the detachment we are getting from our natural world, we are losing our desire to connect with nature and therefore it is easier and easier to destroy it. 

Enter the iPhone Charger 

BOOM! Like an invisible orgasmic explosion the iphone charger came onto the seen and took over our hearts and minds. The magic of the iPhone enchanted us all and we became hooked; the colors, the sounds, the feel, the site.. it was all so amazing.   We could fit our phone in our pocket and take it everwhere we went, while being able to access all of the Nintendo 64 games at the same damn time.  Bazzinnga!  

Was this intentional?

Was this rapacious domination of our sense intentional?  Absolutely.  Was it meant to take over our minds and bring us to the point where our children were being raised to communicate on the level of having mental retardation?  Absolutely not.  The iphone alond with the iphone charger made it so convenient to enter into the digital world at any time that quite literally, a whole new world was entered.  Society began to check out of the material world and enter into the digital world all too much.  We are at a point now where we are accustomed to carrying an iphone charger with us for our iphone 5, 6 or 7 at all times.  We are ready to beg, steal and borrow to get just a bit of electric juice to power up our digital lives.   This is not healthy. .

Whats Next?

 I think the iphones should all come with a warning that too much digital use can make you shrivel up in to a little ball.  That it can disassociate you so mcuh with your body that you will no longer recognize who you are and what you truly want in the material world.  The iphone charger itself should come with a "to be used once a day" warning and a not to exceed " two uses per day" advisory label.  In this way, people will be able to control what they are thinking and doing and become more aware of who they are and who the iphone and the iphone charger are effecting them.  (this is a spoof article)